The Frozen Coffee Cherry Experiment

Because I have so much spare time and hardly any coffee samples are arriving at this time of year (LOL) I took on the crazy frozen coffee cherry experiment. These are 07-08 harvest coffee fruits that were picked ripe and frozen whole. I had tried cupping thisnonce before and nearly vomitted but the results from these 6 samples by Aida at Kilimanjaro were really nice. I was surprised mostly by the body. Tons of it. No doubt there has been some physical breakdown of the coffee that results in more solids iin the cupbut the flavors were good. Funky but good. - Tom

Agreed - there was definitely

Agreed - there was definitely some form of aging or deterioration of the coffee seed. No, it was not dried at all. Picked fresh and frozen!

Thom, Great idea--thx for


Great idea--thx for sharing!

So would you say that freezing the coffee cherry, then processing/roasting it years later**, does NOT seem to preserve the bean flavor?

[**]assume that you dried the seeds or something like that? Do you think this step may have affected flavor?