guatemala, nicaragua - more centrals unloaded

The roll call for Centrals continues with two new arrivals. Guatemala Fraijanes - Finca Agua Tibia is extra nice this year, tons of spice and tangy chocolate. And we have an outstanding Nicaragua FTO Esteli - Miraflor Coop, with almond roast notes, milk chocolate and clean fruit in the finish.

Harars have been iffy this

Harars have been iffy this year. I expect better things from dry-process Sidamo, frankly ... but we'll see. Those have started to creep in but I think we'll see some worthy of stocking within a month. Kenya is here, the first one just arrived! And the FTO Yirgacheffe we received a few weeks back is amazing too. -Tom

Any updates on new Africans

Any updates on new Africans coming? I am hoping to try some fresh Harar when you get it.