guess what? new coffee arrivals ...

A variety of new coffees arriving today and tomorrow, including another Cup fo Excellence lot! It's a classic Central cup with tons of chocolate, spice and citrus hints: Nicaragua Cup of Excellence -La Esperanza . And we have another potent Auction Lot Kenya, loaded with tropical fruit, very bright and winey: Kenya Nyeri - Ruiruiru Peaberry . We have been waiting until mid-harvest arrivals to find a nice PNG lot like this: Papua New Guinea -Kimel Plantation Peaberry . And we have an unrepentantly bright, citrusy decaf: Kenya Auction Lot Peaberry WP Decaf

Hey Jeff - chances for new

Hey Jeff - chances for new Kona's are slim. Anything that comes in late November or December would be a fluke from early new crop (it does happen). Early Kona's tend to be lower grown, and the true high grown farms start to come in February - March. Forget Kona for new, try a nice Mexican lot!
Honshin, check out the roasting guide pictorial I made a while back: -Tom

Wow this is all new for me .

Wow this is all new for me . Don,t want to sound stupid but more like in experiance. My question to any knowledegeable person is some kind of definition for city roast all city roast.... a guide for interpeting the roasting codes expressed in your reviews of roasting degrees.can you help me out in understanding the Roasting Gradiant nomenclature

Any chance to get Kona before

Any chance to get Kona before the end the year (for those hard to buy for relatives/in laws)?

We already received the Costa

We already received the Costa Rica Naranjo Caracol Peaberry, and then we have a Dota Tarrazu Peaberry still coming (very soon). The hurricane did some damage to coastal areas and low plains but it didn't hit the high altitudes too hard. The heavy rains from a hurricane (even if it is downgraded to a tropical storm by the time it hits coffee areas) can be very devastating. I was in Chiapas Mexico a couple months ago and the way the heavy rains had scoured the river beds and caused slides was amazing. I hope the whole season passes without that kind of damage...
Jesse - whether a COE lot is better or not can depend. Usually it is, because it has received a lot more attention then regular coffees. Then again, I have been buying lots of coffee (for example, Finca Retana Yellow Bourbon) that were intended as COE entrants, and have paid them enough NOT to put it in COE. (It sounds a little more devious than it really is.) Also, some of my farms, Like Carmen Estate 1800 Meters is exactly the same coffee entered in competition. This year, I prefered our $17 Esmeralda Gesha to the lot in the auction that, ridiculously, went for $130 per lb. -Tom

Thank you for all of the

Thank you for all of the great coffee for past 6 months!
Any new arrivals planned in the next 30 days?
The newsletter mentioned 2 special peaberry blends coming out--any idea when they will be ready?
Any thoughts on the effect of the hurricane on the coffee of central america? aren't they high enough just to get alot of rain and wind and not much destruction of the plants?

Everytime I buy coffee from

Everytime I buy coffee from you you get a new shipment in of something new I'd want 48 hours later :-)

A question I have had for a while -- I'll see a coffee that is listed as a COE second place winner selling for a certain amount and then I'll see that same coffee from the same farm or estate selling for quite a lower price but not being advertised as COE. Is there a difference in the quality between lots bought at an action vs. just bought from the farm?