gwa - teh -mah - lah

Yellow Bourbon Harvest I spent last week in Guatemala cupping new crop coffees and checking out a few farms that we really liked from last year. My Guatemala travelogue doesn't have a lot of comments, but there's a few nice photos! Above, checking out ripe Yellow Bourbon cherry as it comes into the mill after a day of harvesting.

I didn't but I literally

I didn't but I literally drive right past the gates on the way to the region of San Jose Pinula. Since I was there recently, and know how good the coffee will be this year, I didn't feel I had to check in with Agua Tibia this time around. It should be coming in late March. -Tom

Did you visit Finca Agua

Did you visit Finca Agua Tibia? That was one of my favorite offerings last year (along with La Minita and Carmen Estate 1800m).