hawaii comes to you

Mid-harvest Hawaii Kona - Purple Mountain Farm has arrived, my choice for a darker roast treatment to produce an excellent bittersweet cup character with hints of macademia nut, vanilla, and aromatic wood. The body is very silky and (relatively speaking) the acidity is quite low. The preparation of the green coffee is very nice too (a complaint I had about this coffee 2 years ago). It screens as 18/19, and Estate Grade coffee that is basically a Fancy/Extra-Fancy Mix. Hmmm... this blog needs more pictures so here's something from a Kona cupping trip:
Giant, healthy 15 foot Typica trees in Kona
Giant, healthy 15 foot tall Typica trees in Kona

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[...] Posted by Bob Morris on March 4th, 2007 Sweet Maria’s has the green beans in stock, and once you start roasting your own cofee, well, store-bought just tastes old and stale. Plus, you save money too. This Hawaiian Kona is $17 a lb. vs the $25-30 per lb you can expect to pay for roasted. [...]