Honduras FTO San Marcos - Cocosam Coop

One glance at a handful of this green coffee and you know you're in for a treat. It is beautifully processed and this lot got out of Honduras in top notch condition, not a fate that most coffees from this nearby country share. For our roast today we are aiming for City+, on the Probat this means a final temperature of 435 degrees and a roast time of 18:30 minutes. First crack happened at 399 degrees around the 12:45 mark. The resultant cup should have the crisp acidity, balance, a touch of apple and aromatic wood notes in the finish, asĀ  mentioned in the review. It's mild, it's balanced, but as it cools I think you'll taste more and more. Approachable coffee! Sometimes we notice coffees changing a bit over time but this one has held its character quite nicely since Tom first cupped it.

I am drinking it this morning

I am drinking it this morning and it's a relief (after cupping Kenyas and Yemens all week) to have a good straightforward cup like this! My first impression was that there is more nutty notes than last time I cupped it, but this may be because of the brewing technique (Yama Vacuum Pot). And I agree, the body seems heavier than I recall... a nice balanced mild cup. Mild ... now sometimes people treat that as a 4 letter word in coffee but in wine they call it "approachable" and such ... sounds much more respectable. -Tom

Received it in the mail this

Received it in the mail this afternoon and immediately made a press full. Excellent. Really nice flavors. Actually more roast flavors than I was expecting for a City+ roast, and a little heavier body than I was expecting, but those are both a plus in my book.