it's brazil time: 2 new lots arrive today

We have 2 new lots coming in from Brazil, and both are pure Bourbon varietal coffees: Brazil Fazenda Boa Sorte Natural Bourbon and Brazil Cachoeira da Grama Yellow Bourbon . That means overall we have a great selection of full-on natural (dry-processed) Brazils, and pulped naturals. It's probably a good time to experiment with these coffees as brewed and espresso. I prefer naturals for the Southern Italian (darker) roast style, and pulped naturals or semi-washed for the lighter N. Italian style. We also have a nice pulped natural, full body decaf lot arriving today: El Salvador PN Las Ranas WP Decaf.

i think you are referring to

i think you are referring to "tree-dried" coffee versus dry-processed on a patio or raised bed. the later is picked and dried. in theory, tree-dried would have longer contact with the plant and that would possibly make a difference. but tree-drying is nearly impossible except in a few locales where there is a dramatic weather change that will rapidly dry the cherries (or in one case I know, they aturn off the overhead irrigation! -tom

sorry,ask a question. what

sorry,ask a question.
what different between let ripe coffee cherries with pulp slowly dried out on the branches of tree before falling and harvesting cherries actively ?

You are right - all decafs

You are right - all decafs are discolored. Swiss water is the darkest, almost black, really. It makes roasting by color tough, but pay attention to the sounds of the roast, and the expansion of the bean. -Tom

OK, welcome me to the club. I

OK, welcome me to the club. I am completely new at all this... excited but new. I recieved my swiss water processed shipment with the other beans I ordered and noticed a big difference in the color. Forgive me if the information was right under my nose but I missed it...does the SWP create that dark almost roasted look to the bean? I laughed at myself in wondering... "Did they send me the stuff already roasted?" My asumption is that the SWP changes the color of the raw bean.

(And a big congratulations to you on the birth of Ben! I am a new grandma myself and am just so thrilled for you.)