Kenya - Samuel Kabuye, just 76 years at Karagoto mill

Another great trip to Kenya, to see the amazing system from the small cooperative farmer, to the factory (what they call a coffee mill), to the dry mill and preparing coffee for export. The entire Kenya photo travelog is here. There is no other coffee origin with a system like this, including the Nairobi Coffee Auction that markets small lots based on cup quality, where the best coffees get the best price. Add to that the recent reforms that guarantee 80% of the sale price minus costs gets into the hands of the farmer, and you have a fantastic system to help buyers discover the best qualities. Again, Kenya is a place I just can't take my finger off the shutter, and nothing gets me going like photos of ripe coffee cherry. We came to see the harvest and take photographs, and that we did. It was just my 2nd trip to this place, and the first for my travel pal, little Jeremy Tooker of 4 barrel coffee. I think we sorted out some details, visited a ton of factories, saw a lot of harvest and a lot of cherry being sorted (one of many small details that makes for such high quality in Kenya coffees). Some nice images are buried in here, and a few just get by. There are some mediocre ones that are from my GPS device, and have accurate geotags. Thanks for looking! -Tom