a misty valley from the typica norte: nkoanekoli!

Finally, the second lot of Ethiopia Organic Idido Misty Valley DP has arrived. This is a very special preparation, Grade 1 dry-process Yirgacheffe ... quite different than both traditional wet-process Yirgacheffe, and typical Sidamo and Harar dry-process. We Have a really nice Peru Norte Especial that came in too, a case where a particular conventional lot comes in way better than expected. We have had a lot of questions about Kona, but now we are getting to that window in the crop cycle when the higher altitude farms are ready: our first small-farm arrival, Hawaii Kona - Kowali Farm Typica is excellent again this year. And we have a interesting East African arrival with rustic butterscotch sweetness: Tanzania Mount Meru Nkoanekoli (one of our toughest coffee names to pronounce too!) -Tom

i think roast times and heat

i think roast times and heat method are going to play a huge role in the cup outcome here. The Idido Misty valley has a bog range of flavors, from bright, fruited flavors that can result from a faster air roast, to some muted fruit with heavy chocolate that you are goig to get with a conduction/drum roast. As someone mentions, playing with batch size can be a way to change the roast dynamic and the cup. If you have experience with dry process ethiopia coffees and wet process yirgacheffe, then it is hard to believe anyone can be disappointed with the Idido. Remember too, admittedly the first delivery we received was a notch better than the second, and this was mentioned in the review and scores. Still judging the 2nd arrival lot against DP sidamo and Harar from '06, it was outstanding and well worth it, even if it was a tad more earthy and less bright than the first lot. -tom

I beleive the negative

I beleive the negative reports on this coffee was from amatuers and did not know what they were doing. I consulted in Ethiopia for 2 years in processing and cupping and found this to be one of the best naturals I have seen and tasted. I know the cooperatives in this region and commend them on thier coffee. Otto Asnake of the Sidamo Cooperative had a fine natural coffee a year or so ago and but this is the best.

I had no problems roasting

I had no problems roasting this in my air popcorn popper though the chaffe was as you described -- abundnant and very fine. Wonderful coffee; I think I could detect blueberry hints in a City roast.

If I were you, I would use

If I were you, I would use the little metal attatchment that came with it, and use a dryer hose to vent it and the chaff out the window. OR just do it outside with no screen top on it, make sure that little cup on the top is facedown Be careful not to use too long of an extension cord, or no extension cord at all. OOO brown snow!

I've done several batches of

I've done several batches of the M Valley in my iRoast, and had the same problem at first. In order to have full control of my roasts with this, I have had to cut back my batch size from my normal 5oz. Batches ranging from 3.5 to 4oz. seem best, but there is still sometimes little to no delay between 1st and 2nd crack, making it difficult to keep under a FC/FC roast. It's an excellent coffee when you can get the roast right.

I got 2# of the first M

I got 2# of the first M Valley lot. I only tried 1 batch in my iRoast.
The chaff is so fine, like saw dust, that it blew through the chaff collector and clogged the fine screen in the lid. Temp. went wild from no air flow and I didn't know what to do. I thought it would over roast
so I stopped the roast. It turned out BAD. Mostly under roasted - tea like brew - Dumped. Still trying to think of a way to roast it. Maybe
in a DOG DISH with a heat gun! Any sugestions???