more oddball t-shirts

Computer Shirt: A no-tech painting of a lo-tech computer. What's your guess? A 286 circa 1988? Well, if you go to David, Panama, an agricultural center in the lowlands of the Chirqui province, and you are looking for an "internet cabana", that is, a place to check email at speeds around ...oh 56kb ... you just might see this exact painting on the wall outside the datacenter of your dreams. Okay, I admit it's a fake: I added the coffee cup from a place a few blocks away. It had to have something to do with coffee, right? Well, like most of our shirts it barely has anything to do with coffee, but it's great "art brut," printed in black and blue duotone. weird chicken coffee tshirt Weird Chicken (with a cup of coffee): It is one weird chicken indeed! But we didn't do anything to make it that way. This is another t-shirt from coffeelands; in this case it was inspired from a painting on a restaurant in Chiapas, Mexico. The area around this small town is surrounded with coffee, and on Saturday and Sunday the town is packed with the coffee farmers. I can't attest to the popularity of this particular restaurant, and whether their "wierd chicken," pockets and all, actually helps business. The shirt is a nice yellow-orange Hanes cotton, so this is an orange-on-orange theme. Our cup logo (also from a local painting) is in orange on the back, lower corner: very "low-key." so you won't feel like a walking billboard. Kids love this shirt- it's silly. We are thinking of making some child and even baby size versions. �

You could make diapers with

You could make diapers with the Starbucks logo on them.

that's in the works - they

that's in the works - they really look like kids shirts. Since maria and i are now "one of them" (read as "parents") and i have to face the fact that 99% of all toddler clothes are, imho, awful, i am more motivated to make some kids/baby size shirts. even a bib would be kinda fun

I'd buy a toddler sized shirt

I'd buy a toddler sized shirt if it existed.....