new bodum drip brewers, cups, yama burner

bodum glass mugsYama Butane Burner for Vacuum Brewed Coffee bodum konabodum kona We have some new items that arrived lately. Bodum came out with 2 new drip brewers with great visual appeal, the Bistro and the Kona. (Which is not the same as the Cona Vacuum Brewer!) They also have new double-wall borosilicate Glass Mugs - very nice... and we finally received the Yama Butane Burners, a welcome addition for those using the new Yama Tabletop Vacuum Brewer or the Cona models.

Tom, Thanks for the

Thanks for the update. That really stinks! I can't seem to find this elsewhere but I'll certainly keep my eyes open. I assume the Kona being single-walled has a much shorter heat retention (similar to the Chemex)?

well mike, it is a good

well mike, it is a good design and heat retention is good (without keeping the coffee so hot that it adversely affects flavor ...). i like their gold filter a lot, seems at least as good as swissgold and the more rigid frame it is in means less denting. but the fact is... we have to drop the Bistro!!! why? we are receiving them from bodum with micro-fractures and we are having a lot of them damaged after we ship them out. it's not that they are so fragile to own, but we find them too fragile to ship via ups ... we keep packing them with more and more foam, bigger and bigger boxes, and we still have trouble. it's just costing too much to offer them! so i still like them, but you might need to buy it locally (if you can) rather than from sweet marias. the Kona is single-walled, uses the same filter, and is not giving us the same problem with breakage, so we will keep carrying it...

Tom, Very interested in

Very interested in the new Bistro. Can you comment on the effectiveness of the double-walled carafe (heat retention times, taste over time, etc)? Also, how does this pour over method compare to the other pour over methods? Thanks for the additional info and keep up the great work!


oh yeah, i am all over the

oh yeah, i am all over the behmor 1600, and have been since early prototyping. it's in production now with some minor tweaks going on. it's sturdy and roasts up to 1 lb, will go for about $399, and has some weaknesses in visibility of roast, cooling - not very fancy profiling or heat control, but all its deficits can be overcome, so it will be a good compliment to the hottop and gene cafe. -tom

Hey Tom, Have you guys seen

Hey Tom,
Have you guys seen the new Behmoor 1600 roaster? The one that looks like a tiny microwave oven? Looks pretty nice? Maybe you could carry it!