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A heads up that I am working on the final reviews for these coffees, coming in Thursday Nov 16: Guatemala Huehuetenango -Finca La Providencia Guatemala Quiche - La Perla Estate Panama Boquete - Maunier Estate Colombia Cauca Organic -La Esperanza Congo Kivu Peaberry Rwanda Migongo Bourbon (postscript: they are up on the site today as promised but I am still working on parts of the reviews. The Guats are totally finished but the later 4 are coming. Our green coffee offering list has some brief review comments, which might help give a general idea of the cup profiles of the later 4 lots. -Tom nov 16)

Yes, '99/'00! That was the

Yes, '99/'00! That was the last and only time we had a Congolese coffee. Elections were last week and our contact there says there is some slight reason to be optimistic about greater stability, and future coffee offerings. Kivu seems to be more stable than other areas. Anyway, it occurred to me after I cupped and approved the sample that maybe we should do something extra with this lot. It was being offered at a below-Fair-Trade price, which is usually the minimum we like to pay for a coffee, FT or not. Given that, we pre-paid a .20 per Lb contribution to Doctors Without Borders, who has been active in Kivu as well as other areas throughtout the whole war. Ideally though, Congo can become the next Rwanda in terms of coffee, with a lot of outside technical support to develop the coffee, impove processing, and get better prices to the farmers. This cup is much, much, much better than that Congo lot of the past, which I remember as the only coffee I ever approved, and liked, that had a slight rubber taste! -Tom

You haven't carried a Kivu

You haven't carried a Kivu since 1999-2000ish. It was one of the first coffees I roasted.

Good news for Eastern Congo?

Thanks for the heads-up, been

Thanks for the heads-up, been putting off ordering the BIG ONE for the holiday season, now I'm ready. Derek thanks for the email last week to hold tight.