new coffees; a little bit of this, a little of that

We have some interesting arrivals, including a really stellar Sumatra Lintong Special Preparation, one of the best Lintongs in a few years. We also have the splended small-farm Hawaii Kona Kowali Farm Fancy and Extra Fancy. It's been our favorite and has that great floral aromatic note that sets it apart. We also received Costa Rica Tarrazu - La Minita back in stock (from the same lot as before), as well as a new lot of India Monsooned Malabar AA. We have 2 other arrivals coming in a few days: a unique, fully dry-processed Mexican coffee (something we have never had before), nd a new all Bourbon cultivar Brazil from the Sul de Minas area.

Kona is Guatmala seedstock -

Kona is Guatmala seedstock - I would recommend Guatemala Antigua Retana Yellow Buorbon, or Guatemala Finca San Vicente or Ocana.Classic balanced coffees. Great Oaxacas from Mexico are a good comparison but they are out of season -Tom

I’m relativity new to the

I’m relativity new to the home roasting scene. Just got a roaster before the holidays, since then I’ve Roasted thru about 6 lbs. I just made a big order from you guys, and thru in some of this Kona, just to try it out and see if all the hype was true. I came at it expecting the experience to be overrated; needless to say, I was blown away. Such a good, clean, bright coffee. Honestly, the best cup of coffee I could remember having. Can anyone recommend any less expensive, more accessible beans I should try that would be similar?
Oh and thanks for all the beans!

Definitely as a component

Definitely as a component Darrell, but not as a straight shot. I thiunk it actually has a little too much brightness for a straight shot, but I admit I am just hypothesizing, since I didn't actually try it. A roaster like the Behmor at FC+ or light Vienna might tone down this lot enough to make a since SO espresso -Tom

Hi Tom. Would you recommend

Hi Tom. Would you recommend that Lintong as an espresso component? Or would the dry processed Blue Batak be a better choice?