New Coffees, New T-shirts!

We're adding 5 very different coffees today, some very interesting new offerings and some old favorites. First up is the oft-requested and in-shop favorite Guatemala Finca San José Ocaña. This is a classic Bourbon-like wet process coffee with chocolate, concord grape, and spice. We also are adding an unusual dry-process Moka offering: Hawaii Ka'anapali Estate DP Maui Moka. Look for maple syrup, honey, oily body. We have roast suggestions in the full review. Next is a rare find from Indonesia: Sulawesi Wet-Process Toarco Peaberry, different from a wet-hulled Toarco, with a sweeter and cleaner profile and brightness. Another new Kenya to add: Kenya Nyeri AA -Kagumo Coop, a sweet, floral, bright, yet balanced coffee vac-packed at origin for freshness. And finally, it's Brazil Dry-Process Mogiana, a thick-bodied mild fruited coffee we've loved in the past, check out the full review for this and the others. We made new t-shirts! A new Logo T-shirt and a revised version of the Brave the Smoke t-shirt (the last one was from over 9 years ago, so if you have one of those - you are an old-timer! -Maria