a new one, an old favorite, a weird one

We have yet another Oaxaca coffee offering. As I mentioned before, this seems to be an "up" year for the region, and these two lots exemplify uniquely different Oaxaca cup character. This second arrival, Mexico Oaxaca Pluma - Don Eduardo has an interesting fruied and winey subtext to the cup, with good tangy chocolate at FC (Full City) roast. I was really impressed with the Brazil Screen-Dried Moreninha Formosa we offered early in the season, and wanted to bring it back. But this is a fresh late-harvest lot arrival, with outstanding body and chocolate roast tastes at FC+. And for you espresso-blend tinkerers, we are offering the unique flavors of India Monsooned Robusta once again!

JBM - I have some booked this

JBM - I have some booked this year and may or may not reject it when it arrives. I usually reject it. It needs to be a. good clean coffee (sometimes it isn't) and b. actually have some nice flavor attribute i can describe. If I am sitting there cupping a coffee trying to think of something good to say, well, it aint sweet marias coffee. JBM is not S.M. coffee about 90% of the time. -tom

Have you ever 'cupped'

Have you ever 'cupped' Jamaican Blue Mountain? I see it's around $35.00 a pound so I won't be trying it myself but was curious if you had done so and what other coffee it might compare to and how it should be roasted and why's it so expensive?