New Products: Porlex mills and a new knock box.

We just made these very handsome products available...two hand mills from Porlex and a knock box that won't harm the aesthetics of your kitchen. Porlex hand mills perform very well and are great for traveling especially since they fit into the barrel of an Aeropress brewer. Choose from the tall or the short versions. Tall                                             Mini               Bamboo Knock Box This bamboo knock box is a good size for folks that aren't running a cafe' out of their kitchen. It's low profile, hardened rubber coated bar and slip resistant feet are all good qualities in something that you will want to bang a few pucks into.                    

The capacity of the top

The capacity of the top chamber that holds the whole bean is 44 grams in the Tall model of Porlex, 26 grams in the smaller size. Reloading the small one if you need more coffee is not much of a hassle though... its the one I travel with. -T

Very nice I like those. The

Very nice I like those. The tall one holds more? Will I have to gring the short one twice to make as much?