Nicaragua Pacamara Peaberry

This coffee is a rare beast indeed and the large bean size presents some challenges to the roaster.  On smaller roasters the beans will move and behave differently so care should be taken in order to achieve lighter City roasts.  On the Probat this meant dialing back the heat when the thermoprobe read 370 degrees, normally I would wait another ten degrees but with the larger bean structure there is greater potential for first crack blow outs.  I pulled the batch when the thermoprobe reached 427 degrees and the beans had an even surface color and nice expansion with wide crevices.

I started each batch with the

I started each batch with the heat relatively low and then brought it up a touch at 3 minutes in and then again at 7 minutes in so by thermoprobe that means I am at the highest heat setting between 310-370 degrees. Right as the coffee reached 370 I dialed the heat down as low as possible without stalling the roast, that way the final six minutes or so of roast time are the gradual progression from 370 to 427 degrees...the result is a nice puffy bean without so many fissures and cracks. We'll see how the cup results are today!

I've been trying to find a

I've been trying to find a best approach to a Pacamara. As you mention they are bigger and hard to slow down and they seem to absorb heat more easily. How did you go about the first and mid legs? My last roast I lowered my start temp. a bit.