not-so-recent coffee trips

Finca Agua Tibia schoolI slacked off after my quadruple header of Central Cup of Excellences (what is the plural of excellence?) Anyway, I never put the pictures up. I don't always make travelogs for every trip, but if I take pictures I ususally edit them, write something and put them up. But 4 competitions in a row (actually, 5 counting Panama) is just too much! Anyway, here are the pictures from the 2006 Guatemala Cup of Excellence and related travels, just a few hundred photos, scant commentary and some mopey musings mixed in. And here's a link to the pictures from the 2006 El Salvador Cup of Excellence, featuring "blinky man" and the wiggling butts video (how can you miss that)! If you didn't see it, the motherlode of travelogs is the 2006 Peru Trip, over 600 photos, and some good stuff in there too. And if you are wondering why you never saw all these links before on the sweet maria's site, it's because a. the site is labyrinthine, and b. you never made it to The Coffee Library page.

Why didn't I think of that?

Why didn't I think of that? Not enough coffee, I guess. -Tom

It's Cups of Excellence, Like

It's Cups of Excellence, Like Attorneys General. Or it should be.