panama boquete golden peaberry

I have no idea what makes these peaberries golden, they sure don't look like it to me. But I just cupped the production roast (yeah, yeah, with less than 10 minutes of rest out of the roaster), and it sure has a winey fruit note, an maybe it's just language suggestion, but I get golden raisins. I am sure it will change dramatically over time, but it's a good glimpse at what the cup will become with a few days rest. In general, drum roasts emit less CO-2 during the roast process, and in the first 12 hours of post-roast rest. Air roasts "puff" more, and this additional expansion might explain the fact that they de-gas faster. You can see this clearly by brewing a French Press with an air roast vs. a drum roast when the coffee is too fresh, i.e. 10 minutes after roasting. The drum roast will create a rapidly foaming head that will threaten to overflow the carafe. The air roast will foam, but much less. In brewing really fresh coffee, pre-wetting the grinds can help alot, since rapid de-gassing will prevent good extraction/infusion of the coffee and water. Ah, I digress. Panama Boquete Golden Peaberry, 431 f finish temp with the probat curve we have been using as of late... which includes dropping the heat before 1st crack in order to create an extended, slower pop, and lead to a good controlled finish. -Tom