Panama Boquete Golden Peaberry

I was roasting slightly smaller than usual batches of the so-called "Golden Peaberry" (not sure what's golden about it, looks green to me). So I had to be careful with the heat, a bit more gentle in the first 5 minutes of warm-up, and to apply heat more gingerly at the end to avoid rushing the coffee through first crack. It's a classic City+ roast, through first crack and then a bit more, nowhere near second crack, finish temperature of 430 f (2nd starts at 444-446 on our set-up here, as we measure it). I am enjoying the flavors in the cup, but was a little concerned about the presence of a few quakers in the finished roast. I attempted to pull some out, but they should not be there ... shame on the Casa Ruiz mill! I modified the bag label to note this... but in all I am really enjoying the cup, with more body that wet-process Lerida, and interesting nut roast tones in the finish.