Panama / Rwanda

We were squirreling away a Panama lot for that window of time when new crop Centrals are a month or two away, and out selection starts to thin out. That time is now! Panama  SHB Las Victorias is a Boquete region coffee, and cups clear and clean like the day it came in. We also have a superb E. Africa new crop arrival ... Rwanda  Gkongoro Nyarusiza is a mouthful to pronounce, and a superb bright coffee in the cup, with Mandarin orange citrus sweetness, cherry blossom aroma, and great balance. It is pure Bourbon cultivar too. On a totally unrelated note, I got meself one of these fancy new MacPro 8 core super computers, and sure it's fast, but the keyboard is all amiss. I can't make question marks, colons, exclamation points ... how can I continue to post without my explanation points. All I can do is make ... these ... senseless ... ellipses ...

This was our selection for

This was our selection for "roastmaster" roasted coffee this past week and I think in the slower drum roast of the probat it takes more time to de-gas. Anyway, we too were drinking it from the get-go ... it was just interesting to note the positive flavor changes over the first week, like experiencing changes in a good zinfandel as it breathes... (not that i am a real wine person, just that it's a clear shift in flavors even to a wine noob) - tom

I'm not sure I'll be able to

I'm not sure I'll be able to wait five days for the Rwanda to balance out, it's gone too quickly. It's that good.

It's even gotten me on the hook to try and roast extra for my sister-in-law. She loves it and comments that she doesn't have to add as much sugar.

I think I'd better stock up.


That is indeed a little odd.

That is indeed a little odd. Sometimes I have a problem in Excel and it doesn't update the scores correctly ... I will look at it. The Rwanda is amazing how it changes over the first week after roasting. It becomes very sweet and balanced after time, but needs like 5 days to achieve this. I think it can make a fantastic contribution to espresso, even up to 50% in a blend, with proper rest. For this it benefits from a drum roast. -Tom

Your Rwanda notes refer to

Your Rwanda notes refer to "syrupy body," but the "score" for Body/Mouthfeel comes in at 3.0

Not sure how to interpret this.

Also, does this coffee have a role for espresso? I have no problem roasting light, and will post-blend if there's enough of a "payoff."

What do you think?

floyd - i must be real dense,

floyd - i must be real dense, because it took forever to figuere it out - i received a spanish language keyboard. it's the new usb wired keyboard ... woulda got the wireless be it doesn't have the extended keyad. got the wireless mouse though - i am over wired mouses for sure. thanks for the tip - your post was what made me think "what keyboard is this??? -tom

Is it this wireless

Is it this wireless keyboard?

It looks like the ! mark is in the same place as before, shift 1. Punctuate!?:!!