Peru FTO Ccochapampa

Try finding Ccochapampa on a map and you'll end up at Cochabamba. But basically it's a small zone in Cuzco, the very Quechua area of Peru. We roasted this to 5 different levels to cup it out and decide how to approach it in the 12 kilo Probat. Frankly, all of the cups were a tad underwhelming, although it is a nice balanced coffee with a pleasant, mild brightness. The lighter test roasts were too thin so we opted for a darker roast, yielding a cup with plenty of body and that mild touch of brightness we were hoping for. On the Probat this meant taking the coffee up to 436 degrees. First crack came on at about 395 degrees, 12 minutes into the roast, and the total time of each batch averaged 17:20 minutes.

Drop temp was between 320 -

Drop temp was between 320 - 350. On the L-12 Probat, the batch size matters a lot more than the exact drop temp., because it defines the baseline the batch truly starts at. As far as the results, I think we gave it our best, but the coffee didn't measure up to my expectations either. It's a nice balanced cup but I don't get many exciting flavors from it, and It seems that the air roasts of this coffee are better than the drum roasts. Anyway, you also need to acknowledge that this coffee fits into a "family of flavors" that is a far cry from Yemeni coffees and Natural Ethiopias, so it will never have that kind of character!

Hi Tom, What temp did you

Hi Tom, What temp did you drop at? Do you vary this according to the bean you are using or is that something that depends more on the load than the bean?

First, I'm really glad to see

First, I'm really glad to see this blog and hear your commentary. This fills a void I was feeling.

Second, generally speaking, your coffee is truly outstanding. I constantly recommend it to others and find myself unable to drink most of the "fast food" chain coffee that's out there now. For better or worse, you've completely spoiled me.

Now the bad news... this just isn't that good. Compared to the other roasts of yours that I've tried (and I think I'm up to 8 now) this is just, well, bland. It's okay, certainly drinkable, and probably equivalent to a good cup from one of the local coffee houses, but just not up to your usual standards.

Seems a bit like your admitting that yourself: "Frankly, all cups were a tad underwhelming." Too bad really.

Well, I have high hopes for the next batch that comes my way. (And I really hope you get the Moka Kadir blend back in soon - it's a personal favorite.)

At 18 hours rest, I think

At 18 hours rest, I think this coffee is fairly straight-forward, not extremely complex but a good "crowd-pleaser" and very drinkable. Josh targeted a roast where we would have good body, roast bittersweet and preserve brightness, and I think that's all there. Yet the Peru is fairly simple, more so than I expected -Tom