Peru FTO Cuzco - Ccochapampa Coop

Sorry I'm a few days late with the post but we've had a busy week since we added so many new coffees over the weekend. This coffee is a very mild one and we went for a light City roast to draw out the origin character. This meant going only to 432 degrees on the Probat with a final roast time of 18 minutes. I did do slightly larger batches than normal which accounts for the longer roast time. We have enjoyed the results for the past two days here in the warehouse, and noticed more spice notes today after 48 hours of resting. The cup is pleasant, balanced and has the waxy body Tom mentions in the review.

As a newbie, I first ordered

As a newbie, I first ordered an 8-pack sampler that included this coffee bean. I am using a West Bend Poppery II popper and very much like this bean roasted to FC+, just into the 2nd crack. I tried, just for the heck of hit, a 2/3 Peru -- 1/3 Colombia Huila Valencia combo that my wife and I liked also. Gave a sample to friends who pronounced it was one the best coffees they have ever had.

After the sampler, I ordered 5 lbs. of the Peru, along with 20 lbs. of 4 other choices, one of which was the Panama decaf.

I am having way too much fun!

A big thanks to Tom and crew for a great website and a great product!