Roast Coffee Pairiing #54: Same Varietal, Two Regions

This pairing is the inverse (or obverse?) of what we usually do when we try two different varietals from the same region.  Here we are interested in what the varietal character contributes to the flavor of coffees grown in two different regions. We’ve roasted two Bourbon coffees, one from Guatemala, the other El Salvador. The Guatemala Bourbon -Finca San Diego Buena Vista is a classic cup,  with all the body and balance you would expect in a Bourbon. The El Salvador Siberia Estate Bourbon again has good balance and body, but it is interesting to compare to the Guatemala to see what the growing region brings to the cup.  Both were roasted to City+ and I think the Guat SDBV has a little more balance overall.  The El Salvador Siberia has a bit more bite in the acidity, both are excellent examples of the Bourbon cultivar.