Roast Coffee Pairing #37: Unsung Heroes or The Dark Side

Maybe "Unsung Heroes" is misleading - it is more like "Commonly Overlooked Coffees" or "Under-Appreciated Coffees" or "Perfectly Good Coffees without an Effective Marketing Campaign."   We might as well call it "The Dark Side" as it is also a couple of coffees that we will roast past our usual City+/Full City roast.  First we have the Bali Kintamani which is wet-hulled - the processing method used widely in Sumatra -  it has that earthiness in the cup and it takes a dark roast well. Expect some chocolatey-ness and fruit. And then we have the Rwanda Gkongoro Nyarusiza - a cleaner and balanced cup.  We will go a hair darker on the Rwanda than the review mentions - just to push the point.  You could even blend the two for a sort of Moka Java.  Each batch was roasted for 15 minutes to a final temperature of 435 degrees.

I agree! For about a year

I agree! For about a year now I've realized that Rwanda is where it is at for me, there is just something so right about the balance of sweetness and power going on in this cup. It is my favorite coffee to roast here at Sweet Maria's and that is saying something. We actually just got a new lot of Rwanda that we'll be adding soon, so keep an eye out. Thanks for leaving a comment on this blog, really appreciate the encouragement.

I'm late to this post but

I'm late to this post but want to say that the Rwanda Gkongoro Nyarusiza is an exceptional coffee. The best traits that coffees from Africa possess all in one cup. So far it is my choice for coffee of the year!