Roast Coffee Pairing #46: Balanced Coffees

This week we roasted two Central America coffees that have good balance and apple-like acidity.  Mexico FTO Chiapas – Reserva el Triunfo has a wonderful light body with soft milk chocolate tones and was kept at a light roast level: City+.  You may want to cull out a few of the quakers (light colored beans) to improve the sweetness of the cup.  Panama Finca La Camiseta has a more creamy body with hints of brown sugar balanced by crisp acidity; roasted to City+ to accentuate the classic bright tones in the cup.  Both of these coffees represent their origin well and are great crowd-pleasing cups, balanced may not be the most exciting descriptor but after getting pummeled by fruit-laden Kenyas and Ethiopias, or zinged with rustic Sumatras, it is nice to kick back with a nicely structured cup and just enjoy two stalwart examples of Central America coffee at its finest.