Roast Coffee Pairing #47: Sweet Home Costa Rica

There's no place like home as Dorothy once said and there's no origin like Costa Rica. Costa Rica is possibly the most advanced origin in its coffee cultivation and processing. Sweet Maria's has a lot of potential samples when it comes to this region and Tom has sorted through them all to find some unique lots this season. On to the pairing ... Look for a classic Tarrazu profile and flavor balance in the San Marcos: a perfect combination of brightness, fruit-laced chocolate, and zesty finish. It's a complex cup, rounded mouthfeel, with ripe fruits and refreshing acidity.  Cafetalera Herbazu has some additional  brightness, trumping the San Marcos slighty in that column,  but with such a clean, refined sweetness. The aftertaste is a bit more brief, but it has a citrus zest, a real mouth cleaning, effervescent quality. These are lively coffees, without being sour in their acidity. And it seems a bit easy to call these both "sweet" coffees but after all, this is our "sweet home Costa Rica" pairing.  Both were roasted to City+, final temp 422, roast times of 15 minutes.