Roast Coffee Pairing #48: Same Coffee, Different Roasts

This is one of my favorite pairing ideas combined with my favorite origin: Rwanda.  It is always so educational to roast the same coffee to two different roast levels, you challenge your skills to achieve two distinctly different roast levels.  The coffee reveals itself in unique ways when tasted with origin character to the fore at light roasts, and with roast tones more prevelant at darker roasts.  Today we used the Rwanda FT Dukunde Kawa Musasa roasted at City and Full City, 420 and 432 degrees respectively, 14 minute roast times.  This cup has such bright floral and citrusy zest that both roast levels are sweet and silky.  The City roast is a cheek puckering refresher, while the Full City roast has a more chocolate dipped fruit note happening.  I even tried brewing  a melange of the two roast levels and this was my favorite!  The best of both worlds.