Roast Coffee Pairing #52: Colombia Peaberry v. Flatbean

Here we have a comparison of two very similar Colombian coffees, a peaberry and a flat bean (or standard bean). The Los Caracoles del Sur ("the snails of the south"!) is a medium intensity coffee, balanced and sort of a classic Colombian coffee with a very well rounded cup. The Payasos de Tolima ("the clowns of Tolima") is so called because it is blended from three different small farms in Tolima. Here the cup is again very balanced and sweet, but perhaps a bit more bright and fruity.  For this roast session both coffees were roasted as light as possible, City level, 420 degrees, 15 minutes to highlight the true origin character.  The Payasos de Tolima is amazingly clear and bright, sweet through and through.  Los Caracoles has a bit more spice to it, balanced with that brown beer sweetness Tom mentions in the review.  Two amazing lots of coffee made up of small farm lots that are terrific roasted light or a bit darker.

Since the roasts are done on

Since the roasts are done on the Probat L-12 (12 Kilo), that is what we are talking about. We use a K type thermocouple with a bare wire end that goes directly into the coffee. -Tom

When you talk about time and

When you talk about time and temperature in the roast level are you talking from the probat drum or from one of the home use air roasters?