Roast Coffee Pairing #55: Indonesia Spotlight - Java and Papua New Guinea

The Java Kopi Sunda is the result of a special project, and is a very special coffee indeed; less like a typical Indonesian coffee, more like a washed Island profile coffee, mild and sweet.  This is likely due to the wet processing, rather than the wet hulled processing typical of Indonesian coffees.  Shows a completely different face on Indonesian coffee. The Papua New Guinea AA Kimel is another wet processed coffee, clean, sweet, with fruited notes.  So this pairing of atypical Indonesia coffees display characteristics not normally associated with this region: bright, fruit forward flavor profiles.  The Java lot has more dark fruit notes with bittersweet chocolate, while the PNG is clearer and brighter.  They both have slight hints of foresty flavors that remind you where they were grown but we love the chance to taste so much wonderful clean fruit from these historic coffee growing regions.