Roast Coffee Pairing #58: South American Coffee is So Nutty!

Different types of nut flavors are common in coffee - here we see it in a dry processed Brazil Organic Fazenda Colina, and a wet-processed Peru, the Peru FTO Apavam Coop Typica. Nuttiness is tied intrinsically to roast taste and the degree of roast, since a coffee that cups nutty at City+ will not be so at FC+. Nutty is usually a positive term but varies greatly as there are so many forms: hazelnut, walnuts, peanut, cashew, almond, etc.  For today’s pairing we kept both coffees in the City+ range with final temps of 430 and roast times of 14:45.  The Peru Typica is lively with pleasing acidity complimenting the nuttiness.  Brazil Colina is very clean for a dry processed lot and possesses great hazelnut and pecan notes.  In general the Peru has a lighter, sweeter nut taste while the Brazil has a bit more chocolate and nut profile.