Roast Coffee Pairing #63: El Salvador Molino de Santa Rita & Mexico Organic Chiapas Proish Coop

We’re staying in the Western Hemisphere for this week’s pairing.   Both of these coffees are very balanced with mild chocolate.  El Salvador Molino de Santa Rita has nice brightness with sweet orange, malt and almond notes, roasted to city+.  Mexico Chiapas Proish Coop is not quite as bright with more caramel hints and cane sugar, also roasted to city+.  We culled most of the Quakers out of this lot to help sweeten the cup.  Overall, the El Salvador is a brighter, sweeter cup while the Mexico has a  balanced chocolate aspect.  Both of these are real crowd pleasing cups and compliment each other nicely.  Next roast pairing we will be heading around the world to Ethiopia and Sumatra for much different flavor profiles.