Roast Coffee Pairing #67: Same Coffee, Two Roast Levels--Ethiopia Guji Suke Quto

This week we are looking at the way roast level affects the cup.  We’ve roasted a great new Ethiopia arrival in two very different ways.  The first batch was roasted to City+ and employed a quicker profile with final thermaprobe temperature of 430 degrees and roast time of 13 minutes.  The resultant cup has a  light body, sweet honey and tea-like notes.  The second batch was roasted to Full City and employed a longer profile with the same final thermaprobe temperature of 430 degrees but a roast time of 15 minutes.  This extra two minutes in the roaster adds more depth to the body along with caramelized sugar and nutty hints.  Both roasts feature a wonderful gingerbread flavor and show how much roast level/profile affects flavor.

This was a really interesting

This was a really interesting pairing for me personally, as I am normally the one that is lucky enough to roast every two weeks. I will readily admit that I use nearly the same profile for most coffees we roast because, quite honestly I am consumed by green coffee and logistical concerns here at the SM warehouse. I strive to be a better roaster like all of you out there, but am still at the beginning of my learning curve in terms of roasting knowledge. Most times I'll talk to Tom beforehand about final roast level, but in this instance we discussed a specific game plan to create two truly different cups from the same coffee with the same final temperature. This was a great way to push my skills as a roaster and see what the Probat could do. The results were really intriguing and we enjoyed both roast levels quite a bit. Hope you did too, and perhaps I'll be bold enough to try different profiles in the future. Most of the time, I'm trying to just let the coffee shine and don't want to be overly fussy with profiling, even though I know that is a huge part of roasting.

I've been following roast

I've been following roast pairings mention of time for a long time now. It's curious that for so long, it seemed every profile posted was 15min and final degree name corresponded very closely to a temperature. I appreciate this post for mentioning exactly what I experience, since otherwise up to this point I've only seen the body vs. clarity effect be mentioned in terms of airflow or drum vs. air roaster. FWIW, I'm enjoy the same effects using similar airflow but differing heat application in a 6lb asymmetric bed air roaster.