Roast Coffee Pairing #68: Honduras Santa Barbara Smallholders & Guatemala Finca Candelaria

This week’s pairing is a good expression of the range of flavors in Central American coffees.  On one hand we roasted Honduras Santa Barbara Smallholders to a light City+ level to highlight amazing tropical fruit notes and light body.  This is a special pooled lot from several small farms and represents quite an exotic profile for a washed Honduran coffee.  At the other end of the spectrum is the classic, “crowd-pleaser” Guatemala Finca Candelaria roasted to a more balanced Full City level. I was really trying to draw a distinction between these two coffees with the different roast levels  and hope you enjoy tasting the exotic and fruit laden next to the chocolate and bittersweet.  Try them separately, or heck, blend them together and have the best of both worlds!

Hi, I just saw this, and


I just saw this, and will send an email right away!

I have ordered at least one other pairing, but there's on way I'll ever check a web page for updates; just doesn't happen.

I use a newsreader to read blogs (via RSS) and that's a perfect way for me to have updates come to me automatically.

That's why it would be great if you pre-announced the pairings on the blog (as well as on the other page). I bet I'm not the only one who hears about them after the fact. I've missed others, but this one really sounded great and that's why I finally said something.

Again, thanks for keeping a few aside, and please consider using the blog for the pairings news.

Mike, There's still time!


There's still time! We roast a few extra sets each week so just send an email to and tell them you missed the ordering deadline but would like a pairing and we'll get it to you.

We announce the coffee pairing two weeks before each roast date on the following page

This blog is where we post the results of that roast pairing, so I try to let folks know how we roasted the pair and why. Seems like you've discovered the Roast Coffee Pairing section of the website since you know about the upcoming set.

I guess, maybe you just realized we sell roasted coffee? We've been doing the pairings for well over a year.

Here's a thought. I'm a

Here's a thought.

I'm a happy past customer.

You may make more sales if you announce the pairing before it goes on sale, not the day after. I mean really ... am I missing something?

I was keen to try this pairing, so I headed over to your main site, only to find I was too late! I'll have to pass on the next pairing as I don't care for Panamanian coffee


mike :-(