Roasted Coffee for the Holidays

Two coffees that ought to be crowd pleasers, if not super familiar names:  Papua New Guinea Baroida Estate, a unique estate coffee from the Eastern Highlands of PNG. Sweet and lushly fruited in both aromatics and cup flavors, spice accents, red apple, orange peel, syrupy light body. Roasted to a (light) Full City.  We suggest you try this coffee along with our other roasted coffee offering, India Poabs Organic Seethargundu Estate , a complex and surprisingly bright coffee, mild at first but intensifies greatly as it cools. It falls between the clean brightness of a washed Central and the rustic flavors and body of an Indo coffee. Roasted to Full City.  Both are very accessible coffees and a bit darker perhaps than we normally roast - which makes them a bit more accessible.   And for our roasted espresso offerings - we have the same India Poabs Organic Seethargundu Estate roasted a bit darker for a single origin espresso, and our Sweet Maria's Espresso Monkey  blend.  Roasted on 12/13/2011