Roasted Coffee Pairing #62; Guatemala La Providencia Dos & Costa Rica Cafetalera Herbazu

This week's roasted coffee pairing features two heavy-hitters from Central America, and raises the specter of the never-ending (but not that serious) grudge match between the Ticos and the Guates. It's Guatemala La Providencia Dos and  Costa Rica Cafetalera Herbazu. Finca Providencia in the area of San Pedro Necta of Huehuetenango; Guatemala is winning out on balance, a well-integrated sweetness and fairly mild acidity, especially for a Huehue. Pay attention as it cools, and mild sweet orange and vanilla-caramel emerge. Herbazu is from the West Valley of Costa Rica, entirely comprised of the Villa Sarchi cultivar. I went for a more developed roast to bring balance and sweetness to the hallmark citrusy notes from this coffee. I am cupping it with, well, ZERO hours of rest after roasting, but I really like what I'm getting. Ripe lemon brightness fading out with zesty bits of rind, cane sugar, honey, barley malt, and a bit of fresh berry. -Tom

I really Really like the

I really Really like the Herbazu brewed very soon after roasting. This was my fav CR last year. I'm looking forward to sampling this years lots.