Roasted Coffee Subscriptions, Again

Today I am adding an Ongoing Subscription for the Bi-Weekly Roasted Coffee Pairings. Catchy name huh? People have asked about this for a while - and finally we have a way to offer it.    An Ongoing Subscription means that we charge and ship you  2 pounds of roasted coffee every two weeks  - until you tell us to stop.  The roasted coffee pairings are set up in the same way as before  - we select one pound each of two coffees, chosen to highlight differences in origin, processing, or roast; to provide our customers the ability to study the flavor profiles of two coffees.  For more about our roasted coffee offeringsMaria

Thanks for this thought - I

Thanks for this thought - I will see what I can do! Maria

It would be great if you

It would be great if you offered this for green beans. While it may be enjoyable for some to sift through the myriad offerings since the last time they ordered, I often find it tiresome.

I would love to subscribe to a 1lb/wk of random beans.