rwanda fto duhingekawa women's coop

I tested this at 4 different roast levels and let it rest 3 days before cupping it. This Rwanda is deeper in terms of tonal range than our Gkongoro lot (we won 2nd place at the SCAA competition with that one). I like a slightly more developed roast taste from this, but my finish roast temperature might seem a little low: 432 f. When you taste this coffee, you will see that this number deceives. The way I profiled the roast gave an effective finish temperature of about 440 or so ... numbers do lie, at least in roasting. I am waiting until Wednesday to cup the roast, because a mere 24 hours rest just isn't enough for this coffee, and from this roaster. (note: we rested this coffee and i was impressed with it's nice balance and body. Rwandas are nice in comparison to Kenyas because they have some of the acidity but they are more balanced. I think the Borubon cultivar contributes to this ...) -Tom