Shipping and packing party at sweet maria's

So we survived the holidays, and the S.M. crew did a pretty amazing job turning around orders. Last year we fell behind by 24 hours or so getting orders out, but this year we had days we were sending off orders placed that very morning. We always do the best we can, but now we face the backlog of orders than came in during vacation. So please be patient. We are shipping 'em out in the order they came in, and will be back to our normal 24 hour turn-around by next week. -Tom  (P.S. - I have a new Sumatra and the end of our Costa Rica La Minita allotment coming early next week)

Your crew did a GREAT job

Your crew did a GREAT job packing my order and you also sent me the most perfect coffees in my 8-pack sampler. I got it today, a light in the middle of the current storm. Thanks so much, you all rock!
Happy New Year!

ugh... glad you had the time

ugh... glad you had the time off, but i'm scraping the bottom of the bag - due to my poor planning, of course!

how about you guys opening a branch in north texas so i can just run over and get a new supply when i run out? :)

happy new year, and keep the great beans coming!