some compelling new arrivals

We have some arrivals that should interest folks greatly. First off, great Harar is back! Fruited, spicy, rustic, complex. I think it's a general "up" year for Harar but this particular lot blows the rest away: Ethiopia Harar Horse DP - Lot 17406. Perhaps one of the most spendy coffees of the year is this Bolivia Cup of Excellence - San Ignacio. It's only fair to call it a "Nano-Lot", truly sub-Micro, and we have to limit it to 1 Lb. per person. (At this price it might be wise, but it is certainly worth it! ) And oddly enough, we have only a small amount of Costa Rica Dota Conquistador to offer, hence the 2 Lb. limit. But it's a nice cup this year. Colombia Antioquia - Jardin Cerulean Warbler has one of the oddest names, but read the review and you'll see that it is both a great, delicate cup, and part of an interesting conservation project. And probably least exciting to the majority of you all, Colombia MC Decaf - Huila Tolima. But it has a very bright fruited cup, an exemplary decaf

Weird? this is the greatest

Weird? this is the greatest single comment we have ever received on the blog! thanks!!! In terms of an explanation, how Brazil Daterra can have the effect of a few Highballs, well, if I could answer that I might be able to start a whole new industry in coffee!!!

Tom, This is a weird reply!

This is a weird reply! I purchased 1 pound of Daterra farms (Brasil) yellow bourbon (green) from Maria's. I roasted it to a c+ roast and tried it this morning. I immediately got symptoms of numbness in my mouth. I spent the rest of the morning drinking the rest of the coffee (5 cups). I then got light headed and felt as though I had consumed three or four high balls. I took a three mile run to try to exercise it off and got rid of the light headedness maybe 4hours later. The numbness in the mouth still persists although somewhat diminished now 8 hours later. Now ,don't laugh the coffee tasted great but it seemed as if it had some kind of hot sauce in it for lack of a better description. My tongue and throat are still tingling! Have you ever seen or heard of this before?

Well, I ordered 5 pounds of

Well, I ordered 5 pounds of the Harar, Tom, and after drinking it for the first time this AM, I just ordered 20 pounds more. Lovely coffee--thanks for finding it for us.

might be the best of the

might be the best of the year, certainly the best "horse" harar. Harars ship earlier than others, so while I am still going through samples from other regions, I have seen a lot of harars. but i REALLY think people need to forget about harar, sideamo, yirga cheffe, and start to think purely in terms of the cup. i have 2 dry process coffees coming that, if they are anywhere near the pre-ship samples i cupped, will out-harar the harar! blueberry to the extreme. sweet maria's will stop using these meta-origin names this year since they mean less and less. sidamo is HUGE in area. there are 15+ regions within yirga cheffe, etc etc. harar is a little different in that it is from the muslim east of ethiopia, more conservative, but golocha abuts harar, and is very harar-like. so 'best harar' i can't say 100%, best harar-like coffee, probably no. damn good, YES! -tom

Tom, when you say that the

Tom, when you say that the Harar is the best, do you mean the best of those which you have cupped to this point in time, or the best of all the Harar's you will have this year? I'm not really ready to order quite yet, but I don't really want to miss out on the Harar of the year either.