some new mokapots, cone filters, knock box, piddley stuff

We have some new products this week. We are stocked a new model of Moka Pot (i.e. stovetop espresso). The Bialetti Musa Mokapot is brushed stainless steel, remarkably sturdy and looks pretty sharp too. We have 3 different size; 4 tasse, 6 tasse and 10 tasse. We have a new Commercial Espresso Knock Box, stainess steel with a nice big non-slip rubber base. And as a preview (coming in a week), we have a new larger sized Porcelain #4 Cone Filter Holder (I have been looking for these for years!). We also have an elegantly simple Porcelain #1 Drip Pot Set, a filter cone and matching pot with lid. Once agian, these porcelain items come in a week or so.

they are in stock now. we had

they are in stock now. we had a little delay with the shipper ... but all these items finally came. I know, a #4 poreclain filter cone has been very hard for ME to find too -Tom

i am on a mad search for a #4

i am on a mad search for a #4 porcelain coffee cone. will you be getting them back in?