sort-of, kinda, halfway-ready-to-go new coffee arrivals

I keep re-roasting and re-cupping these lots to finish the reviews ... but they ARE indeed available, and I am half-way done with my descriptions. I blame lack-of-sleep due to my new status as "dad." It is making me inarticulate. Well, more inarticulate. Anyway, we get people looking for Central American offerings, wondering why our selection in that area seems half-hearted. Well, it should be at this time of the year! If you are wondering where the Costa Rica is, I remind you that it would be a crime to offer a CR coffee at this time of year: it would either be old and on the edge of extinction, or a low-grown, too-young coffee from the new crop. But here is a truly "peak-of-harvest" offering that has the same bright, lively acidity of a CR lot: Colombia Organic Nari?±o - San Lorenzo . We also have 2 micro-lot Peru offerings from small growers I met on my last trip to the Cuzco region of the Andes: Peru Tunquimayo - Juan de Dios and Peru Las Delicias - Zenon Vargas. The reviews are coming pronto ... they just need the finishing touches. And we also received a favorite Brazil of mine from last year, Nazareith Dias Perreira and Aprocam (the farm matriarch, and the name we sold it under last year, and the cooperative, Aprocam). This year, we use the farm name: Brazil Carmo de Minas - Fazenda Sertao. -Tom

Congratulations to you and

Congratulations to you and Maria on your new addition! That is wonderful news.

As a beginning home coffee

As a beginning home coffee roaster, I think I will be dropping in this site frequently. I have so much too learn.
But I've found even inexpertly roasted fresh coffee is better than anything else I've found elsewhere.

It only makes you

It only makes you inarticulate for a short while. Then you adapt to the new challenge just when they start sleeping through the night and becoming less dependent. It makes things easier for you later (when you start getting more than 45 mins. of sleep) and you get much better at managing your time effectively.