Sumatra Classic Mandheling - Liquid Amber - Panama Decaf

Continuing with the theme of using more complicated profiles for roasting we took this Classic Mandheling to City+ and a final temperature of 436 degrees, final roast time was an average of 16 minutes. To try and develop more character in the cup we started the roast off with the gas throttled down a bit until the beans began to show some yellowing. Then the heat was brought up to full blast until the thermoprobe read 370 degrees. This was about 10 minutes into the roast, then we dropped the heat back significantly to draw out the roast. Hopefully this will help maintain the structural integrity of the bean imparting more complex flavors and balance to the cup. We brewed up a pot today and it shows promise, we'll see how it tastes after a full day of resting. The Liquid Amber was similarly profiled to build up a healthy charge on the front side of the roast and then draw out the already extended first crack which started at 406 and continued all the way until the 430 degree mark. For this espresso blend we favor a Vienna or French roast level so final temp was 460 degrees and total roast time was an average of 16:30. The batches were dumped well into second crack and continued to snap and crack as the coffee cooled in the tray. We'll pull some shots late today or tomorrow after the coffee has had plenty of time to rest and see how we did. The Panama decaf was roasted to City+ with a final temp of 420 degrees and roast time of 15 minutes. For this decaf I built up the heat in the drum a little more slowly before lowering the gas to create a gentler first crack.