a thin slice of hawaii

We have a small lot of Hawaii Kona - Kowali Typica XF (1 Lb limit, sorry ... there is very little). The recommendation on the roast has changed from our earlier lot this year (FC, FC+) to a real sweet spot I found around C+.

the dispute is settled, so

the dispute is settled, so it's a moot point. starbucks trademarked a name that had sidama in it, and opted not to renew the trademark when Ethiopia disclosed that they wanted to trademark their region names - at least that's where i think it is at, at this point. -tom

This is probably an

This is probably an inappropriate place to post this, but what's your take on the Ethiopian trademark dispute with Starbucks?

hi john - good to hear from

hi john - good to hear from you! there is tiny, tiny print with the date of the post - it's just so damn small! -tom

Tom, Nice to see a weblog


Nice to see a weblog for Sweet Marias. It would sure be helpful if you dropped a date of posting on some of these posts. There is no way to know when a blog was posted and if some bean mentioned is still available.

Life is good in Mexico and the Tip of Texas. I hope they are as well with you stuck out there in Oakland.