two classic lots: costa rica la minita & colo reserva del patron

We have received two of our old standby coffees. The new crop Costa Rica Tarrazu -Hacienda La Minita has arrived, and in a blind cupping it stands up well against the new costa rica coffees from naranjo and dota. It is exceptionally clean (pristine might be a better term), with delicate, bright acidity. As it cools, floral notes and vanilla emerge. The Colombia Reserva del Patron, from the Narino region in the south, is in. The main features here are remarkable balance, body, sweet chocolate at Full City to F+ roast - this is crowd-pleaser coffee. FYI: I have 4 new lots coming, possibly uploaded today or monday, including another great Kenya and our special Panama Lerida Peaberry, a nice FTO Guatemala, and a super-floral/citric Yirgacheffe. So if you are in need of coffee, you might want to wait for those selections to apear.

i don't know, jesse. i have

i don't know, jesse. i have been on both sides of this sort of auction debacle. last year we paid just over $50 for the esmeralda at auction, but i had some justification: i felt the auction lot was a tad better than our "regular" allotment of esmeralda gesha. this year it is actually the opposite. i can say with confidence that our "regular" gesha is as good (or imho, better) than the lot that group paid $130 for. in fact, i was much more excited about the 2nd place lot in panama, which we bought. it is a mix of a fairly ubiquitous cultivar, criollo, and gesha from the mama cata estate. it has more body, more balance, but is distincly gesha in the fruit and spice notes. we'll have that in a few weeks. mama cata auction lot will be about $15. esmeralda gesha will be about 16 or 17 bucks this year. starts sounding like a bargain (!) -tom

You're killing me with all of

You're killing me with all of the new coffee -- every time I order some something new comes in 4 days later :-) Hey, if you have the time and inclination, I wonder if you would comment on the Panama Gesha that went for $130 -- is this a good thing or a bad thing (or neutral)?