Warshing Dishes n' Spitting Coffee

If a "blog" is supposed to reflect real everyday life, then between every post about coffee there would have to be a post about washing dishes. A good part of cupping is washing dishes. I spend a LOT of time washing dishes, and spittoons, and dumping the grind thing over the spittoon, which gets really gross. Since I think, next the average coffee roaster shop, we cup a lot, we generate a lot of dishes, a lot of spent grounds, a lot of full spittoons. Gross, yes, but that's the way it goes. I think we might be on par with some green brokers/importers on daily cupping chores, and they usually have someone tasked with cleanup. I pity that person. On the plus side, I am headed to Ethiopia on Saturday, to Dire Dawa and Harar region first, then to Yirgacheffe and Sidamo. After that I will be in Kenya. More on that later... for now, it's just cupping and spittoons around here.
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Are you using the spent

Are you using the spent grounds in your garden?

I am putting mine in my composting bin along with the veggies for the worms to process (since I recently split my one bin into two, I'm trying to build up the mass) but the spent beans are great fertilizer as is for roses and other plants.

Have a great trip.


Tom Have a great trip to

Have a great trip to Ethiopia and Kenya! The 2008 SM coffees from Ethiopia were spectacular. And please don't make a postcard of that spittoon!

This reminds me; is there any

This reminds me; is there any plan to offer another cupping workshop anytime soon? I'm bummed I missed the last one and would love to attend, if offered.