what we mean by hand-sorting

this is pretty much the highest level of hand-sorting, when coffee is visually sorted at a desk, not a conveyor, and not just machine color-sorting. You see this a lot in Guatemala. In one day, a person might do just 50 Lbs. of green coffee. It's another of the behind-the-scenes tasks between the tree and the cup that is too often taken for granted.

Tom, just spent a few minutes

Tom, just spent a few minutes looking at the SM videos on Youtube. Just a quick thank you for posting all of them in one place. I had seen a few on the website, but many I hadn't seen before. I especially liked the older videos from cupping trips that had funky music, local culture, coffee clips... those are fun. Thanks for that, and as always, thanks for the excellent coffee you sell!
bill in wyo

hello, i was at the eafca

hello, i was at the eafca fair this year ( eastern african fine coffee association) as it was held in kampala i visited the main exporting companies and they had very good color sorters but for screen 18 they handpicked it... i have som incredible photos of 500 women in a dark warehouse on the floor hand sorting the coffee for 50 cents a day.... incredible.. by the way i have just tasted an arabica from rwuanda... great..i loved it.you can always find me on skype jonny.monetto -take care.

mathan is insane if he

mathan is insane if he believes a lull in coffee buying is a good thing :-)

Tom, do you think you'll be participating in the Best of Panama auction this year?

Robusta can range from 1.8%

Robusta can range from 1.8% to 2.2 % caffeine whereas Arabicas are in the 1% to 1.3% range. So you can be doubling up on caffeine. But that would only be true for a pure robusta beverage! The Classic has only 15% robusta so I don't know how much difference it would make, on paper at least ... but I agree with you and feel a bit more of a jolt from the Classic. I think those of us used to caffeine are still sensitive to it, and when we experience even slightly more, we know it. -Tom

Tom, I just wanted to thank


I just wanted to thank you for your very thorough article on espresso that's on the front page! For some reason, I haven't been happy with much of the espresso I've made lately. I think the dry spell is probably a good thing because it's made me go back and rethink everything that I'm doing. As far as I'm concerned, it's the best "what you need to know about espresso" article I've seen on the web.

The "grind it fine, tamp it light" or "grind it course and tamp it heavy" was a question that I've had for a long time, but had never found a good answer. Thanks for addressing that.

At the moment, I'm enjoying a cup of Organic Dry Processed Ethiopian Sidamo, my current favorite bean for espresso. I was wondering though, I have a giant bag of the Sweet Maria's Classic Italian Espresso Blend. When I drink it, it seems to give me what I can describe as a "bad caffeine buzz". After a double, my heart races a bit and I feel crummy. Could this be because of the robusta beans? Of course, different things affect different people in different ways, so it's not something I'm concerned about, just curious.