Where's the Centrals?

Well, up until now they are out of season, and the early samples I have cupped are unworthy of offering; lower grown and rushed through processing at the dry mill. Remember, coffee is a crop. Sure, greens store well, but still it is important to buy during the peak of the harvest. It would be irresponsible of me (and run totally counter to everything we do here) to buy lots I knew were inferior, simply to plump up our inventory. Coffee is not soap-on-a-rope. Buying and offering coffee is not like stocking canned goods down at the A&P! (Although I wish it was sometimes ... it would make my job a lot easier).

Now, the Centrals are indeed on there way. We have 2 Costa Rica lots arriving Thursday April 12. (Indeed, I leave tonight for Costa Rica to cup some 86 lots of Tarrazu, Dota and Naranjo special lots, hoping to find 1 or 2 that stand out). Mexico Chiapas and Oaxaca are "on the water". Our first Guatemala is coming in 10 days. Ôø?We also have some outstanding, fresh South America coffees from Peru and Colombia which offer the same cup profile as Centrals: bright, snappy, clean, floral, etc. So please be patient, my roasting friends, and know that we are going to have a heck of a lotta great Centrals on our list within the next few weeks. New micro-lots from Chiapas, special Guatemala estate coffees, Costa Rica is holding their first Cup of Excellence this year ... lots of new things happening, and the result will be some pretty interesting new offerings this season. -Tom

Early main crop wasn't that

Early main crop wasn't that good, or we might have had a first arrival as early as late March. Our first arrival just came, and it is worth waiting for ... a really nice cup with raisin, tropcial fruit, concord grape juice - very sweet, and a little winey. -Tom

Where's the Kenyas ? I

Where's the Kenyas ? I checked out your relatively new chart showing the best ship times for coffee from different regions and noticed that Kenyas should have been available over the lst few months but I have not noticed any Kenya offerings for quite some time. Where's the Kenyas ?