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Traffic was so low on our blog we simply started ignoring it. We are investing a lot more time in our Library, and plan to eventually combine our blog type posts with our articles over there. We also found that most people are just checking out the What's New on our home page to find out the latest. So you might not see the web log around too much longer.

I read the blog via RSS (via

I read the blog via RSS (via Google Reader), so be sure to take that into account. I like having an RSS feed to "push" new items to the top of my queue.

I'm still relatively new to

I'm still relatively new to home coffee roasting. I've been enjoying and steadily learning more about roasting with an air popper. When roasting blends, I frequently find much less distinction between first and second cracks than when roasting a single variety. My early results with blends were disappointing: usually burnt beans. Now, I time the roast from the first crack, pull the plug on the roaster at time - but leave the beans in the cup. The accumulated heat in the beans and the cup continues to roast the beans, without risk of burning. I empty the cup onto a cooling rack when the cracking slows. This approach has been working very well for me, producing highly flavored roasts, beautiful crema and no untoward bitterness.

Does that low traffic number

Does that low traffic number include RSS subscribers? That's the way I read the blog, and the way I learn about new coffees. If it goes away, ill go to the homepage, so its not a big deal for me, I just wanted to make sure you are counting all the traffic.

Google Reader claims the blog

Google Reader claims the blog has 11,070 subscribers. That sounds high, but just sayin.

If you kill off the blog, PLEASE provide an alternative push mechanism to be alerted on new greens. Or better yet leave the blog in place for that and move the rest to the Library.

It'd be awesome if the

It'd be awesome if the library had an RSS feed.