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We are waiting on some other new coffee arrivals (and a couple new merch arrivals too) but I wanted to highlight the Yemen Mokha Sana'ani. Sometimes we switch to a new lot, and forget to underscore the fact, or even mention it! This new crop Sana'ani is quite dynamic and has some very lively bittering chocolate and spice notes. This lot exemplifies the postitive aspects of "leathery" flavors in a better way than any Yemen I can recall. Yes, leather can be good! We also have a new Sumatra Tapanuli WP Decaf which is quite nice (an very useful for a base low-caf or no-caf blends, espresso too). In fact, 60-40 with the Yemen Sana' ani as the later is an amazing low-caf blend. On a different note, this weekend up in Petaluma, Sonoma County, is the WRBC Barista Competition. I'll be giving a presentation about sweet maria's, home roasting, and what-have-you. If you have any idea what I will be talking about, please email me and let me know.

I find that the Yemen Mokha

I find that the Yemen Mokha Sana'ani works pretty well as an espresso. In fact I think I even prefer it over the Moka Kadir Blend, hope that isn't heretical.

Thats too bad about the

Thats too bad about the Guatemalan samples, though I prefer the 'softer' Nicaraguan or Honduran profile. Just wanted to mention the new Yemen Sana'ani (your roasted offering) is superb; nice leather and powerful spice notes. Hopefully, I can achieve somewhat similar results with my I-Roast 2.

Thanks for the update, I

Thanks for the update, I ordered some Mokha Sana'ani today and noticed the arrival date was pretty recent but didn't think to check your blog.

Thanks also for the low-caf blending tip. I just started roasting a couple of months ago and my coffee consumption has gone through the roof -- this after a long effort to drink less as when I lived in Tokyo I needed about ten cups to get through the day!

Is there any way for customers to know when you're getting low on a certain bean? I took a chance on the African Highlands decaf last order and had my mind turned inside-out by the first cup, was sort of counting on getting more but it's gone.

well on the positive side i

well on the positive side i have the chance to save up my pennies for a madcap 5# bag multiple offering buying explosioganza

good centrals will start to

good centrals will start to trickle in early April from the new crop. oddly, haven't seen the greatest samples yet. The Guatemala Huehuetenango early lots (El Injerto, Huixoc, Injertal, Etc) haven't been very bright and vibrant. the usual lower-grown early lots are not worth mentioning, and we never buy them anyway. i mean, ytou can buy costa rica tarrazu coffees in january if you want, but they are rushed to market, mechanically dried, and tend to fade in flavor after a month ... the green that is. kenyas are coming, we have our first lot shipping out and should be here in 2-4 weeks. in general, the early part of the Main Crop auctions were not as stellar as last year. So up until last week I ahd found only one really great lot. Then last week, ka-boom, a great table with 5 incredible lots. We bid on and won 3 of them in the auction. Those take about 5 weeks to arrive. -tom

Thanks for the nice selection

Thanks for the nice selection of Yemeni coffees. Just ran out of the Mattari FC; very delicious. Any new Centrals on the way? Hoduras perhaps..Thanks!

Hope the Kenya's are coming

Hope the Kenya's are coming in soon - I am out!! Thanks Tom for the update.